Greenway Logistics


One of the most important stages of international transportation. We are responsible for prompt customs clearance of exports, import and transit through the territory of Ukraine, and the organization of service tariff regulation (sanitary and epidemiological, phytosanitary, Radiological kontolyu etc.). 


For customs clearance customer enough to provide us following documents:
  • Foreign economic contract with applications;
  • invoices;
  • Packing List;
  • Documents, confirming the country of origin of goods (certificate of origin); 
  • Fitosertyfikat, health certificate, Quarantine and conclusion hihiyenichye (depending on product code NB);
  • Documents, giving the right incentives in taxation (if there). 



* In the case of documents in a foreign language, yekzemplyar must add translated into Ukrainian.

* Customs clearance service is provided only in conjunction with international carriage.