Greenway Logistics

Sea container transportation is the main focus of the Greenway Logistics. Use your own containers and spivpryatsya with sea lines help organize transportation uninterrupted customer at competitive prices.

The range of services includes:
  • providing rates; 
  • route planning;
  • BOOKING in line;
  • Online Tracking; 
  • port forwarding;
  • security equipment;
  • timely exchange of documents.

In addition to help with the organization:

  • delivery to the port of departure;
  • customs clearance brokerske;
  • storage in the port of destination;
  • preparation of documents for transporting / Import;
  • targeted delivery of goods to the recipient.

Greenway Logistics

What data are needed to calculate rates?





Greenway Logistics


What is the cost of delivery to / from Port recipient?

The rate will zalezhyvy addresses of loading / unloading, and the method of delivery. Please provide the following data for exact prices:  

  1. Address boot
  2. Adresv discharge (recipient address)
  3. Type of vehicle (cars, railway)
What data are needed to calculate customs duties and that the pricing of customs broker?

For the calculation of customs duties following required information: 

  1. A copy of the invoice or code, Country of Origin, currency, sum.

Services of customs broker discussed individually and depend on the volume of shipping.