Greenway Logistics – international container freight operator.

We began operations in 2004 by holding a representative international GreenwayHolding LTD today are an only private company Ukraine, which operates its own fleet of container.

We provide services for the organization of export-import and transit container traffic. Optimize the logistics of the client:

  • shorten delivery;
  • improving the safety of goods in transit;
  • reducing the cost of shipping unit.

Our principles

  • Quality and innovation

We regularly optimize their business processes, to ensure professional customer service and unique features.  

  • Customer focus and long-term.

We do not divide clients on important and not important, large and small, short and long term. The main principle of our work – respect and full commitment to work for each client, regardless of the number and frequency of transport.

  • The competitiveness and reliability

We offer customers the best prices and competitive terms without loss of quality and time.

  • Professional development

Increased pay special attention to the professional level of their employees. Regular training programs, komandnist, and congratulations initiatives can develop not only companies, and each worker and kar'эru.